Histiocytic Sarcoma Risk Test Clinic

Antagene Histiocytic Risk Test Blood Draw

BMDCA National Specialty - Wednesday, May 6th
in conjunction with Health Clinics 8:00am-4:00pm

Deadline for Online Orders: Wednesday, April 29th

The ANTAGENE Laboratory, in collaboration with the CNRS Canine Genetics Team, has agreed to partner with the BMDCA to offer a clinic for the Histiocytic Sarcoma Risk Test* at the BMDCA National Specialty.  Normal price per dog is $130 but BMDCA is please to announce special subsidized pricing for this clinic, with rates as low as $50! (See Options)

*For over eight years, the Canine Genetics team of the CNRS in Rennes (France) and their international collaborators have been conducting genetic studies on Histiocytic Sarcoma in the Bernese Mountain Dog. These studies allowed them to locate regions of the genome implicated in this disease. The analysis of a large number of samples (more than 2000 Bernese Mountain Dogs) from affected dogs as well as old healthy dogs has enabled researchers to identify genetic markers associated with risk of developing and transmitting this cancer. Studies continue to investigate these genomic regions.

Statistical analysis of these genetic markers has been used to produce a genetic index. This index can help breeders in the selection of breeding stock and matings. It is not, however, a prediction of the occurrence of the disease. This test is only a probability test, based on information from a population of 2,000 French Bernese Mountain Dogs and validated on European and American populations. 

The test for Histiocytic Sarcoma is not an endpoint but a continuation of the research on Histiocytic Sarcoma. The test will be optimized and refined with advanced research. For this your participation is essential. Learn more about the ongoing HistioSarcoma research at Berner-IWG. (http://berner-iwg.cloudaccess.net/health-links.html) NOTE: DNA extracted from your dog's sample may be used for research in canine genetics.

NOTE: If your dog has either been diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma* or over 10 years of age, s/he may qualify for a free research sample;** a limited number are available. It takes about a week to be confirmed by the researchers that your dog has been accepted.  Click here to download the free research sample collection form. *If your dog is affected, please provide diagnostic notes or pathology results from your vet.
**To participate, contact Julie Jackson for details; IMPORTANT NOTE: free research samples must be registered through the Online Store. PLEASE NOTE "RESEARCH SAMPLE with Dog's Name" in Comments; the amount of the test will be adjusted to zero prior to processing your credit card.   

Questions? Contact Julie Jackson at [email protected] or 206-930-3290. 


Click Here to download the Memorandum of Agreement/Terms & Conditions (Only one Agreement required per owner/breeder participating in clinic)


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE HOME INSTRUCTIONS (For samples collected by your vet and hand-carried/delivered to the Specialty Clinic)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The individual listed as "Owner" will receive results by email AND will be the only authorized user* for the tested dog on the HSIMS test mating website. If you prefer your Breeder/Co-Owner receive the results/breeder tool access, list that individual's name and email in the Comment section.  *ONLY ONE USER PER DOG.

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