The BMDCA National Rescue & Rehome Committee is devoted to ensuring and maintaining the health and welfare of the Bernese Mountain Dog is rescue and rehoming situations. The BMDCA recognizes that much of the rescue and rehoming work is done by the regional clubs, and will work with those clubs to maintain a consistent network of support and resources. Kathy Deyo serves as the Committee Chair and may be contact by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 208-476-3228. 
For more information about Berner Rescue & Rehoming, including a contact list of people involved in your area, visit the Club's website at

RESCUE GALLERY - 100% of profits benefit BMDCA Rescue & Rehoming Fund. Deadline for entry - March 16, 2019

The perfect way to celebrate our rescued Berners is to tell their story in the Rescue Gallery! Each participant's photo & story will be prominently featured on display at the National Specialty. Regardless of whether your Berner was rescued by a regional club, private group, or individual, or if they came from a puppy mill, broker, online site, or other bad situation, theirs is a story worth sharing. Have more than one rescue or want to honor one or more that has already crossed over the Bridge? Everyone is welcome, including non-BMDCA members! Choose from the following menu of packages to honor your special dogs:

  • Complete Package $28 (includes creation of your dog's photo display, personalized pin (with or without rainbow), designer yellow pet bandana that will clearly identify your rescue at the Specialty, and one fabulous story book featuring all the photos and stories on display at the National Specialty) 
  • Full Package/Owner photo $25 (same as Complete Package but discounted slightly for owners that prefer mailing a hard-copy of their dog's 8" x 10" color portrait for the display)  
  • Display Only $18 (includes creation of your dog's photo display), the perfect option for dogs that have been featured in a previous Rescue Gallery and/or do not need the pin/bandana 
  • Display Only/Owner photo $15 (same as Display Only but discounted slightly for owners that prefer mailing a hard-copy of their dog's 8" x 10" color portrait for the display)  
  • Extra pins, story book and bandanas sold separately; see additional Rescue Gallery accessories
  • Any one wanting to enter multiple dogs PLEASE Contact Patti at [email protected] or Carolyn at [email protected] to determine how to register your dogs the most efficient way
NOTE: Attending the National and prefer picking up your photo after the show (vs having it mailed)? Insert Coupon Code PICKUP at checkout to waive shipping charges. 

  1. Choose your participation level and register for the Gallery.
  2. Compose your dog's story (MS Word format, maximum 500 words) 
  3. Email it along with a digital photo of your dog (formatted to 8" x 10,"minimum 200 dpi) ASAP to [email protected] including your dog’s call name and Berner-Garde ID#
  4. For those that have chosen to mail the photo, in addition to Steps 1-3, mail a high-quality 8" x 10" Portrait-oriented hard copy for your dog's display directly to: Patti Finley, 5609 Charleswood Pl, Louisville KY 40229. 
ALL ABOVE ITEMS ARE DUE BY THE MARCH 16th DEADLINE to allow time to create the fabulous custom items for the Gallery

If you have questions about the Rescue Gallery, including how to obtain a Berner-Garde identification number for your rescue dog, contact Patti Finley at at [email protected], (502) 592-5856, or Carolyn Paige at [email protected], (919) 451-5681.
And whether you have a rescue dog in your home, in your heart, or just want to help support those most in need, don't forget to make a donation to Rescue! 
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